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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a novice, where do I start? 

A: I love meeting and guiding novices into the wonderful world of kink and submission, but keep in mind your vetting process will take slightly longer. First, make sure you have thoroughly read over this page and looked over my website and Twitter. Then familiarize yourself with the proper etiquette in contacting a professional Dominatrix. There are two great resources I like to recommend. The first is an article by renowned Domina Esme Crane on, “How to Serve and Contact a Professional Dominatrix” and the second is a post by an experienced submissive and long time slave of my friend and colleague, Domina Akira, entitled “Rules of the Road”.  After you understand the do’s and don’ts, and have thoroughly read over my website, head over to my submission form. Be thoughtful and earnest in your reply. The more clear and comprehensive the request, the easier it will be to schedule your session.


Q: I submitted the session request form, what happens next? 

A: Now you wait. Patiently. For all new clients, there is a $50 application fee. This compensates me for the time it takes to vet you. Payment can be made through Cash App ($LGraceQ) or an Amazon e-gift card sent to After I read over your application and if it meets my standards, expect an email within 12-24 hours to set up a quick call so that I may discern more about you. Be ready to talk about your past experiences, current fantasies, and what you’re looking to get out of our time together.

*If you have provider references, a call may not be needed.


Q: I don't see where you list the activities you provide, where might I find that? 

A: You won't because I don't believe in providing a menu-like list of services/activities I'm willing to perform. My vetting process is so that those that I let into my presence are the select few that have expressed genuine desires of submission and with whom I feel I will have a strong connection with through kinky play. My introversion and strong intuition & empathy drive me to seek only the experiences that bring me the most joy and meaningful pleasure. I give my full attention to our time together and you are expected to do the same through your surrender and submission. 

Q: Dear Mistress, what are your boundaries?

A: Great question, dear sub! I thought you'd never ask. 

My boundaries include touching any part of my body without my permission, dominating me, using toys on me, whining/complaining, disclosing information about other providers, or prying about my personal life. Please respect my boundaries as I do yours. Brown showers, ruby showers, nude smothering, and any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual are out of the question. 

Q: What is your tribute?

A: My tribute for 1 hour $500, 1.5 Hrs $700, 2 Hrs $900, $400 for every hour thereafter. 

For Women: $350 per hour

For Couples: $500 per hour 

*There is a 1.5 Hr minimum for first time clients. 

**Please bring tribute in an unsealed envelope, or better yet a book or beautiful card, and present it to me at the start of session.


Q: What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

A: Deposits are required of new clients and sent as soon as we’ve confirmed a session date and time. 

1-1.5 hour session: $100 

2 hours: $200

3-3+ hours: $300-up to half of total 

*Deposit is deducted from total session tribute and are non-refundable should you have to cancel.  

Cancellations: I understand some things are just out of our control--life happens and accidents occur. Please contact me as soon as possible, but know you will be forfeiting your deposit. At my discretion, I may hold your deposit for a future session. 


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: By filling out my submission form. You’re going to have to make the first move, so make it a good one. Well-written and thoughtful requests get my immediate attention. The more succinct and clear you are the easier and faster it is for me to get back to you. Returning clients may directly email me, but if you haven't seen me in awhile it's best to read over my website again and send a new session request. 


Q: Where else can I find you online?

A: Stay connected with me and follow my kinky life on Twitter & Instagram!


Q: Where are you located? 

A: Sessions take place at a chic & luxurious private dungeon in the East Bay--right off the Bay Bridge (~15 mins from downtown SF). Note that this is my preferred play space. Owned and operated by professional Dominas since 2002, it is wonderfully appointed and well-maintained. Gated parking and ample street parking are available. Pictures in the gallery to the right (or below in mobile view) >>>

*Other favorite play space is Nightshade Sanctuary in SF

Q: May I bring you a gift?

A: Absolutely! And a great way to make a good first impression. I adore being spoiled. Gifts from my wishlist, gratuity, and handwritten notes of appreciation are never required, but well-received and sure to put a smile on my face. I love Blue Bottle Coffee, rare green and oolong teas, light-bodied red wines, and fresh flowers in pink. Always aspiring to hone my skills as a dominant, gifts that support my passion for learning and creative endeavors in kink are ones I’m very grateful for. Help support by contributing to lesson fees, books, and travel expenses for this insatiable polymath by giving through CashApp ($LGraceQ) with the note "school expenses". Also, as a dominant who delights in having wonderfully curated experiences over material things--travel, wellness, and dining gifts are sure to win me over. An avid traveler and lifelong explorer, help ensure that my experiences are world-class and seamless., AirBNBUber, and Tock gift cards are much appreciated, as are gift certificates to my favorites spas for pampering: Kabuki Spa and Pearl SpaAll gift cards should be addressed to L. Grace at


Q: Do you do outcalls? 

A: Yes, I am available for outcall sessions in SF proper and beyond. 5 star hotels or professional dungeon spaces only. Additional travel fee may apply.    


Q: Will you travel to me?

A: Yes, fly me to you or check the travel updates on my Twitter page for upcoming travel plans. I frequent New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles and Tokyo. 


Q: Do you do multiple Mistress sessions?

A: Yes! I love playing with other Mistresses and providers. Feel free to suggest whom you’d like to join or I'm also happy to suggest providers depending on your interests. 

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