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She is beauty, She is Grace...

You’ll hear my voice, feel my touch, and anchor onto me as I lead you through the unknown and into the light of understanding and acceptance.

For I am a Dominatrix; a channel to a higher state of being and a Goddess worthy of devotion. As such, I have a duty and great responsibility as a conduit to your inner desires. I am a guide that encourages you to go deeper, challenges you to explore further, and nurtures without judgement. A guide that supports you in letting go where perhaps you couldn’t before, not alone… 

The role and presence of the Dominatrix has long been felt, and necessary in society, dating back thousands of years to ancient Goddess-worship rituals. A Goddess whose power lies in the command of her sexuality. Her wisdom and allure exalted and revered. She rises to abate the power of the patriarchy, restoring balance and ministering the practice of empathy through transformative and consciousness expanding experiences.

By bringing you into my orbit, I will mold and motivate you under my strict but loving standards. In turn, you will become a submissive worthy of my strength and sensuality. With the reins in my divine hands, we'll together explore and expand your deepest desires of submission and unabating fascinations. From sensual seductress to stern sadist, I relish in making you mine. You’ll experience the all-encompassing ecstasy and transformative power of play through new sensations of pleasure & pain, denial & humiliation; deeper and deeper into my world you go. Your total attention and devotion is required as we go on this journey of growth and self-discovery. The path is here, are you willing to trust and delve further?

Whether a total novice or long-time kinkster, it is in the spirit of self-discovery, creative outlet, and personal growth that I invite you to meet me. My desires and kinks are many, but what truly excites is when I have the privilege to develop relationships with individuals who are optimistic, open-minded, willing to take risks, and eager to please their Mistress. 


Now, take a slow, deep breath…and exhale completely…good, get ready to learn more. Make sure to read over my FAQ page completely before applying to serve me in person.

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