A few rules to get started, naturally. 

-When corresponding with me, be clear, concise and thoughtful. I abhor time wasters, one-liners, and those seeking a desperate same-day session. 
-When requesting a session, be sure to look over my inclinations to see that our interests align. If you're unsure of an activity, ask. Be polite and earnest. 
-Once you've secured a session with me, remember to confirm on the date/time I've given you. 
-Arrive on time, not early and definitely not late. I won't see you earlier than scheduled and if you're late, be ready to make it up to me.
-Be clean, inside and out. Have mints handy. If you're not up to my standards, I will have you shower which will come out of your session time. 
-Do not touch me without my permission or try and coax me to do an activity I don't do. I will not have sex with you.